Can Multiple-Choice Questions Replace Constructed Response Test as an Exam Form in Business Courses? Evidence from a Business School

Athens Journal of Education – Volume 8, Issue 4, November 2021 – Pages 349-360


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. Abstract

The discussion of whether multiple-choice questions can replace the traditional exam
with essays and constructed questions in introductory courses has just started in Norway.
There is not an easy answer. The findings depend on the pattern of the questions.
Therefore, one must be careful in drawing conclusions. In this research, one will explore
a selected business course where 30 percent of the test is comprised of multiple-choice
items. There obviously are some similarities between the two test methods. Students
who perform well on writing essays tend also to achieve good results when answering
multiple- choice questions. The result reveals a gender gap where multiple-choice based
exam seems to favor the male students. There are some challenges in how to measure the
different dimensions of knowledge. This study confirms this. Hence, it is too early to
conclude that a multiple-choice score is a good predictor of the outcome of an essay
exam. This paper will provide a beneficial contribution to the debate in Norway, but it
needs to be followed up with more research.

Keywords: multiple choice test, constructed response questions, business school, gender,
regression mode

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