Does the weather influence where tourists want to stay in Norway?

Leiv Opstad, NTNU Business School, Trondheim, Norway
Robin Valenta, NTNU Business School, Trondheim, Norway
Gaute Hvidsten, NTNU Business School, Trondheim, Norway
Johannes Idso, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Sogndal, Norway

The purpose of this article is to determine if the weather affects the length of tourist stays at Norwegian campsites across different Norwegian regions. We use monthly data on visitors divided by counties and regions for the summer months over a five-year period to accompany the data on weather. We provide insight on the weather through figures, while the article’s research question is answered with linear regression models. The conclusion is that there is a significant correlation between temperature and the length of time guests spend in a particular geographical area. But the impact is greatest for those who spend the night in tents and caravans. This analysis failed to prove any correlation between temperature and length of stay. The paper does not investigate other factors that may affect the duration of tourists’ stay at a campsite

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