Are Students’ Effort in Business Courses Related to the Choice of Exam

Leiv Opstad, NTNU Business School, Trondheim, Norway, p 21-28


The WEI International Academic Conference Proceedings
November 22-24, 2022,  Rome, Italy

The exam is an important tool to measure students’ skills. However, the choice of exam form also affects the way students acquire knowledge. In this study, the focus is on the link between the students’ study efforts and the choice of exam type. By asking students at a business school in Norway, we will identify factors that affect students’ efforts. As a research instrument, personality traits (the Big Five) are used. By applying a linear regression model, this research demonstrates that there is a close correlation between motivation and learning methods, as well as with study effort. The impact varies with the choice of exam form. Gender and personal characteristics also influence the students’ efforts to some extent, depending on the type of exam. This is useful knowledge in the evaluation of different forms of examination.

Keywords: Business school, Big Five, Assessments, Study effort, Gender, Learning approach

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